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Green Turtle in the waters off the Cayman Islands

Recent poll shows most people in Cayman Islands do not eat turtle meat

A recent poll shows limited demand for turtle meat in the Cayman Islands.

Reaction to Australia shark cull

This week, a shark cull began in Western Australia. As a result, many of you have let us know about your concern for the animals.

WSPA pleased over new developments in turtle talks

WSPA is pleased that after a two year campaign calling for the Cayman Turtle Farm to end the farming of endangered green sea turtles for meat, the Cayman Islands Government is now beginning to publicly address some of our concerns.

What you can do about Taiji's annual dolphin hunt

This week's annual slaughter of bottle-nosed dolphins taking place in Japan is very disturbing.

Emergency animal welfare inspection at Surabaya Zoo, Indonesia

In the past week, there have been numerous reports in the news regarding poor animal welfare standards at Surabaya Zoo in East Java, Indonesia.

Typhoon Haiyan: How your support is helping animals in the Philippines

Our disaster response team have compiled a short film to thank you for the work that's only been possible with your support.

Canadian animal lovers fight rabies worldwide with Collars Not Cruelty

Campaign saves animals, protects communities, and prevents human infection

WSPA appeals to the Romanian Government to halt 'stray-killing' law

We're disappointed to hear that the Romanian Constitutional Court is keeping the “stray-killing” law, condemning thousands of stray dogs to death after 14 days of detention in public dog pounds.

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