WSPA's Work

A brown bear in a WSPA-funded sanctuary, Romania


Campaigning to protect bears from cruelty and captivity
A stray dog in a dumpster, Sri Lanka

Companion animals

Working with stray animals

Civet coffee

Civet coffee is one of the world's most expensive drinks, selling for up to $100 per up. Its production production uses a cruel method.
Aerial view of a bear baiting event taking place in Pakistan

Blood sports

Blood sports and any other staged fights between animals cause unnecessary suffering.
Free range lambs

Farm Animals

Farm animal welfare is the biggest animal welfare problem in the world today
Member society programme helping owners care for their working horses, Guatemala

Universal Declaration

Achieving international recognition of the importance of animal welfare
Monkey in a Roadside Zoo in Canada

Ontario Roadside Zoos

Animals are suffering in roadside zoos throughout Canada
A working mule, Argentina

Working horses

Working horses are often overworked and poorly cared for
Cattle in a flooded pen, Bolivia

Disaster Relief

Animal welfare is a vital part of rebuilding of communities after a disaster
A slaughtered fin whale is towed to shore


Thousands of whales are inhumanely killed every year in bloody hunts


This violent blood sport pits a bull against men wielding weapons
An orangutan cared for by the BOS Foundation

Borneo's orangutans

How you helped protect these endangered apes from deforestation and culling.

Helping animals means helping people

Companion animals, farm animals, working animals and wildlife have a profound impact on the lives of everyone on earth.

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